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kitty visits

Going away for a few days? Even longer? Cat's are sensitive creatures, especially when leaving their territory. Avoid any anxiety, let your feline family members stay in their home and we will gladly visit them for you! Our cat sitting service is a great alternative to boarding! 

We do our very best to provide your cat with all their usual comforts by following their daily routine to the best of our ability.


Kitty & more pet visits

$14   Basic service: Once a day 

$20   Pampered service:  Twice a day

*Away for a week or more? Ask us about our package rates!

While you're away we make scheduled visits to your home to visit with your kitty and provide the affection they're accustomed to.

This service also includes replenishing food and water, cleaning litter box, playing and administering medication when needed. 

Visits are 20 minutes in length.


Pricing starting at  $12 per visit, contact us for more details

Have another domestic friend that requires our services? We take care of all of our animal friends! Fish, bunnies, hamsters, rats, lizards, turtles, guinea pigs and even horses! We can visit while you're away and feed, change and care for all of your pets!


emergency let outs

$12-$20 per visit (dependent on location)

Going to be home late from work? Unable to come home for the night? With a few hours notice we can drop by your home and let your dog out for you! Food and water replenishment is also provided if required.


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