"We have two fur babies that go to work with my husband every week as he drives to Denver and back. We recently went on vacation and needed to find accommodations for them. They are spoiled. They are rarely left alone and CAN NOT be put in a cage. We met Natalie at the dog park and were absolutely delighted that she would look after them while we were away.  

She didn't just look after them, she took them into her home where she and her husband made them a part of their family. She sent us lots of pictures so we could see how happy and content they were while we were away.  

Pup Strut is now part of our family and I can't imagine leaving Georgia and Aurora with anyone else. We will no longer be hesitant to plan a vacation. I had a good feeling about Natalie from the first time I met her. She is warm and loving and kind and the girlies took to her immediately. Georgia is a little apprehensive but within an hour she was cuddled up on the couch making herself at home.

Added bonus......Natalie is an amazing photographer! We've never had such amazing pics of the girls."
- Amy Johnson





"We have used Pup-struts dog walking and pet sitting services and have been extremely pleased with Natalie’s professionalism but more importantly her personal touch with our dog.  Even though we moved out of Georgetown and sadly cannot access the dog-walking service, we leave Myloh with Natalie for extended care while we are on vacation.  Its a tough thing to do, leaving your pet behind, but it is painless with Natalie because we know that the care Myloh gets will be top notch” - Mark Tigchelaar





"Natalie is great!  My dog loves her and and is always super-happy to see her.  From day one,  Pup Strut has been the picture of professionalism and compassion, it's easy to see her love for the animals.  My schedule is irregular at best and Natalie has been extremely accommodating, whenever possible.  Communication has always been clear and concise. Pricing is competitive while service is well above average.  As an animal lover, businessman and someone with furry kids,  I give Pup Strut my highest recommendation"   - Dave Dunn, Limehouse




"I have a 17 month old pup named Bentley, who has lots of energy and loves socializing with his 4 legged friends. I learned about Natalie and her services through my visits to the Cedarvale dog park. I called her up and we made arrangements for regular dog park visits. She arranged it so that Bentley would go with other dogs of similar personality so that everyone’s experience would be pleasurable.

Bentley loved his time so much with Natalie, that even when I took him to the park, he would get ready to leave with Natalie and her crew, leaving me behind!

Natalie was reliable and trustworthy, a pleasant and dedicated dog guardian angel who had the dogs interests at heart that I would recommend her to any and everyone !

"   - Carole Barnes